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Welcome to Cloth + Cabin, your destination for uncomplicated styles that outlive trends and handpicked home wares that make your house a haven. 

We’re here for shopping that doesn’t feel like shopping -- but is inspiring, effortless, and served up with a side of (cheeky) style tips. 

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Curated by Amy

(The OG Home Girl aka Founder)

Wannabe minimalist, unapologetic white sofa owner, plant hoarder, shameless dumpster diver, rule hater, and deliberate backroad traveler.


We see beauty in the everyday and the imperfect. 

We believe that form + function can coexist, and that simplicity can still be cozy.

We’re here for lived in style -- clothes you’ll actually wear…  a home you can really sink into. 

We know that great style does not need to be fancy or expensive.

We believe that when you surround yourself only with things you truly love, you free up time, energy + space for the things that truly matter

It’s your life, your home, your story— live it simply and live it well.

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