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Designing Your Summer Clothing Palette: What's Hot, What Should You Drop?

Posted by Amy HARTMAN on

Ahhhhh, spring. Daffodils and crocuses and—oh wait, is that snow?

West Michigan is known for lots of things, including crazy weather patterns. This winter and spring have been especially unusual (not another snow day, please!) but we are, finally, seeing temperatures rise. Warmer weather means lots of things—playing outside with the kids, gardening, and trips to the beach, brood in tow. Are there more fun IG photos than the ones we post of our families, happily enjoying the great outdoors? (Especially when we’re wearing C&C!)

Best of all, sunshine-filled days mean we can embrace a spring clothing palette, filled with lighter-weight tops, fun cardigans, and, almost certainly, at least one pair of white skinnies. Plus—can we get a hallelujah?—sandals instead of boots!

We know you have some favorite classic pieces, and we say: you be you. Don’t toss your favs—they’re like a comfortable, beloved, dog-eared book that you still pull out from time to time. But, unlike books, there does come a time when it’s a good idea to retire certain pieces of clothing. Maybe it’s time to part with that threadbare shirt or the one with stains under the arms that no amount of OxiCleanTM will ever remove—are those tops really giving you joy?

Once you decide what to pitch, add a few updates to the classic pieces you love and your spring clothing palette will be off the hook in a way that’s perfectly you. Here are a few suggestions from our Vintage Farmhouse Curated Collection. Fair warning: you might love them all as much as we do!

Aaron Top

This dusty pink beauty whispers “relax,” to every woman who wears it. With dropped shoulders and a relaxed fit, you’ll love it’s soft texture (cotton and linen), femininity, and utter lack of fussiness. It just might become your go-to piece for your distressed white skinny jeans, new high-waisted denim (we see you, fashionista!), or your favorite denim skirt.

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Jillian Maxi

Soft, luxurious, and breathable, this gorgeous dress has the shimmering feel of silk. Produced using recyclable, earth-friendly solvent, you can feel as good about its eco-friendliness as its flattering drape. Even better, although you can certainly wear this on date night, when you’ve somehow found time to actually apply mascara, you can also throw it on when there’s no way on earth a shower is going to happen—and you’ll still look and feel fab! Dry shampoo and the Jillian Maxi—they’re a girl’s best friend on a where-did-the-time-go kind of day!

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Esmeralda Top

For those days…you know the ones…pull on this cozy, comfy, relaxed striped shirt with a pair of leggings or black jeans. No effort required – just roll up the sleeves and chill. No one will ever know you had cereal in your hair just a short while ago!

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Mitchell Cardi

Layers, people, layers! We mentioned the crazy West Michigan weather, right? Just because it’s spring or summer doesn’t mean it’s warm all the time. When temps cool, as they do, this fine-knit, button down cardigan, with its adorable tie front, is the perfect piece to pull over our Aaron shirt, Esmeralda, shirt, or even our Jillian Maxi dress! Slide into its buttery softness and you’ll exude effortless style while being the most comfortable woman in the room.

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Mia Fringe Clutch

No shower or full hair and makeup. Sweats or our Jillian Maxi. It doesn’t matter, girlfriends—every single outfit can use a fun accessory and our Mia Fringe Clutch is the perfect companion. Braiding! Fringe! Dump the boring and add a huge dose of effortless fun – no makeup required. You’ll feel so much better when you reach inside to pull out your sunglasses at the park, your wallet at the grocery store, or your ID during your dinner date. It’s that easy!

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Leave a comment and let us know which one of these amazing items from our spring collection is your favorite and why. We’ll pull names from a hat and, if you’re the lucky winner, we will send you one on us! Who doesn’t love Spring now?!

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Bring It ON, Spring!

Posted by Amy HARTMAN on

We love Pure Michigan, with its four beautiful seasons and all, and we know you do, too. But, girlfriend, we are done with the cold. It’s time for sunshine and warmth already. Crocuses, tulips, daffodils…oh my, doesn’t that sounds just like happiness?

You know what else makes us happy? A spring refresh of our closets and homes! Yes, we’re talking about spring cleaning but also decluttering our homes and embracing new organizing ideas.

You know us. We don’t like to stress about keeping things perfect. You read our MariKon post, right? The one where we talked about the Five Rules to Tidying Up Like Marie Kondo? For general tidying up and decluttering tips, that’s the place to start.

Once things are tidied, tossed, and given away, don’t skip the essential last step: Ask yourself if it sparks joy. This is genius, certainly. While it’s true that some days stretch out endlessly (oh, girl, we hear you), life truly is short. We want to spend it embracing our littles, loved ones, and pets and live in homes that reflect that love.

After we’ve tackled our spring cleaning lists, it’s time to add a little beauty to our homes.


Buying something pretty for our homes is especially fun when it’s functional, like our amazingly awesome, new  Woven Seagrass Baskets. These whitewashed beauties come in a set of 3 and  are spacious, nest-able, and lidded so you can keep your stuff handy but tucked away looking gorgeous. Talk about bringing joy! They’re the best version of a messy drawer we’ve ever seen!


Another thing we love about spring is watching our gardens grow, especially when it’s fresh flowers and herbs sprouting in our sunny kitchen windows. Thinking about that Caprese salad you’ll be making in a couple of months? Plant some basil, spray it daily with our Metal Plant Mister, and watch it grow. Your Caprese will thank you and you’ll have fresh pesto all summer long.


If you prefer the look of vases, you’ll love our unique Stoneware Vases trio, with a fun textured surface. Whether you add succulents, springs of dried blooms, or a fun, bright, floral arrangement these vases are super versatile and make any area feel warm and homey.

Growing plants not your thing? No worries, girl. We’ve got you covered with our lifelike, no-water-required Faux Potted Plants in gorgeous paper-wrapped pots. Buy this set of 4 to use throughout your home, or group together on your mantle, island or a favorite shelf to create balance an cohesion. No matter where you use them, you’ll never stress about dying plants again!


Organizing and adding plants, real or artificial, is an awesome way to embrace the start of spring. But we all know coziness is key, no matter the season!


Check out our Leigh Throw, which happily serves as a coziness-maker in any season. It’s got that cute pattern, great texture and its medium weight makes it perfect for spring and summer. And that fringe?! Love!!


What’s a blanket without a pillow? Just lonely! The lumbar version of our best-selling Natalie Pillow, with its uber-soft woven texture and lovely fringe is the comfiest and coziest. It’s calling you now. We can practically hear it!

Sunshine, warmth, flowers, spring cleaning, organizing, decluttering, adding beauty, and experiencing joy: Bring it on, spring. We’re thrilled you’re here!


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Putting the "Spring" Back in your Break

Posted by Amy HARTMAN on

Girlfriend, if you’re anything like us, your vacation prep for winter break, mid-winter break, or spring break probably looks something like this: You’re making sure your husband doesn’t forget his swimsuit. Or flip flops. You’re helping your kids pack their suitcases. Do they have enough socks, underwear, shorts, and T-shirts to get through the week? What about their swimsuit? Does it even fit?! What about a sweatshirt, in case the evenings are chilly? Sunscreen? Hats? Packing for families is no small feat!
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Does it Bring You Joy to Declutter?

Posted by Amy HARTMAN on

We see you girl, overturned laundry baskets full of unpaired socks, t-shirts that you need to “toss back into the dryer” as they are re-wrinkled, jeans on the ground that require the “sniff test” to see if they are clean or dirty. Well, we have found your guardian angel and her name is Marie Kondo. We know, we know...stick with us, we have Amy + Meredith’d your KonMari Method to fit the everyday Home Girl who maybe doesn’t have time to tackle ALL the overflowing sock drawers or closets just yet.

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Here Comes The Sun Giveaway

Posted by Amy HARTMAN on

You know what they say...sun's out, giveaway's out.

Ok. Well, maybe they don't say that. But we do!

Since Memorial Day serves as the unofficial kick-off to Summer, we will take that as our queue to begin the celebration. So, you better start thining beaches, BBQs and bathing suits ladies! Because the longer days we've all been yearning for are finally here.

We've partnered with some pretty awesome brands to give one lucky lady a variety of goodies meant to give her mind, body, closet and home a much deserved Summer-time refresh.

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Cloth + Cabin: We're Amy + Meredith, friends turned co-founders of Cloth + Cabin. We can't wait to share this little piece of our hearts with you. We are suckers for simple textiles, classic silhouettes, and neutral decor. Where are you headed this summer? Whether it is a quick jaunt out of town for the weekend, or a trip across the pond our Wander Bag is the perfect functional accessory to bring along for the ride.

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Casa Beads: Jewelry for your home, oh yes.  What started as a side project has become an international movement, bringing hope and pride to a community struggling with poverty. Casa Beads has partnered with The NICA Fund, and now proceeds from each purchase of a Casa Bead go towards building homes and improving life in the rural community of El Transíto, Nicaragua.                                                                                                                                         SEE MORE HERE: Website // Instagram // Facebook


Copper Corners: Meet Mary-Catheryn, the woman behind Copper Corners. She is a truly talented artist, and claims that creativity runs in her family. Much of her work is inspired by her upbringing in South America. She maintains a deep connection with nature, especially animals, through her work by creating vibrant, colorful, textured and intricately layered unique pieces, including this beauty titled Don't Forget.                                                                                                                                                                                                             SHOW HER SOME LOVE: Website // Instagram // Facebook





Leland Gal: Escape with us to Pure Michigan! Leland Gal was inspired by the ease of life and colorful living often found around the Great Lakes and waterside living. Their new Roundy Bag can be worn as a cross-body by day and convert to a clutch by night. The Citrus Buffalo Check combines a classic print with imperfect lines and exposed brush strokes to achieve that one of a kind painterly feel.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               FIND MORE HERE: Website // Instagram // Facebook



To & Fro: To & Fro knows you're not just one thing. Wife, mother, friend, daughter. They offer a wide range of products for every stage of life. Their goal is to help you feel amazing and love yourself. Be ready for whatever comes next by treating yourself to some self care. Start the bath, and curl up with a good book!                                                                                                                                                 SEE WHAT THEY'RE UP TO: Website // Instagram // Facebook



PS Forty Six: PS Forty Six is a small business based in Cinninnati built on the belief that everybody has a home team. The vision of PS 46 is to help women share their story and rep their home team through hand stamped jewelry. What started with a few products has grown into a full jewelry line.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            MORE PRETTY THINGS: Website // Instagram // Facebook



MODRN GR: Featuring eclectic urban modern furniture and accessories for your house, condo, apartment or dorm, MODRN GR boasts a dynamic flair for city living. You will find all of the essentials for your main living spaces as well as artwork, lighting, rugs, and trendy home accessories.                                                                                                                                                                                              STOP IN SOON: Website // Instagram // Facebook 

Giveaway runs from Tuesday, May 29th at 8pm thru Thursday, May 31st at Midnight. The winner will be anouced on Friday, June 1st.

Good luck!
- Amy + Meredith








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