Bring It ON, Spring!

Bring It ON, Spring!

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We love Pure Michigan, with its four beautiful seasons and all, and we know you do, too. But, girlfriend, we are done with the cold. It’s time for sunshine and warmth already. Crocuses, tulips, daffodils…oh my, doesn’t that sounds just like happiness?

You know what else makes us happy? A spring refresh of our closets and homes! Yes, we’re talking about spring cleaning but also decluttering our homes and embracing new organizing ideas.

You know us. We don’t like to stress about keeping things perfect. You read our MariKon post, right? The one where we talked about the Five Rules to Tidying Up Like Marie Kondo? For general tidying up and decluttering tips, that’s the place to start.

Once things are tidied, tossed, and given away, don’t skip the essential last step: Ask yourself if it sparks joy. This is genius, certainly. While it’s true that some days stretch out endlessly (oh, girl, we hear you), life truly is short. We want to spend it embracing our littles, loved ones, and pets and live in homes that reflect that love.

After we’ve tackled our spring cleaning lists, it’s time to add a little beauty to our homes.


Buying something pretty for our homes is especially fun when it’s functional, like our amazingly awesome, new  Woven Seagrass Baskets. These whitewashed beauties come in a set of 3 and  are spacious, nest-able, and lidded so you can keep your stuff handy but tucked away looking gorgeous. Talk about bringing joy! They’re the best version of a messy drawer we’ve ever seen!


Another thing we love about spring is watching our gardens grow, especially when it’s fresh flowers and herbs sprouting in our sunny kitchen windows. Thinking about that Caprese salad you’ll be making in a couple of months? Plant some basil, spray it daily with our Metal Plant Mister, and watch it grow. Your Caprese will thank you and you’ll have fresh pesto all summer long.


If you prefer the look of vases, you’ll love our unique Stoneware Vases trio, with a fun textured surface. Whether you add succulents, springs of dried blooms, or a fun, bright, floral arrangement these vases are super versatile and make any area feel warm and homey.

Growing plants not your thing? No worries, girl. We’ve got you covered with our lifelike, no-water-required Faux Potted Plants in gorgeous paper-wrapped pots. Buy this set of 4 to use throughout your home, or group together on your mantle, island or a favorite shelf to create balance an cohesion. No matter where you use them, you’ll never stress about dying plants again!


Organizing and adding plants, real or artificial, is an awesome way to embrace the start of spring. But we all know coziness is key, no matter the season!


Check out our Leigh Throw, which happily serves as a coziness-maker in any season. It’s got that cute pattern, great texture and its medium weight makes it perfect for spring and summer. And that fringe?! Love!!


What’s a blanket without a pillow? Just lonely! The lumbar version of our best-selling Natalie Pillow, with its uber-soft woven texture and lovely fringe is the comfiest and coziest. It’s calling you now. We can practically hear it!

Sunshine, warmth, flowers, spring cleaning, organizing, decluttering, adding beauty, and experiencing joy: Bring it on, spring. We’re thrilled you’re here!


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