Designing Your Summer Clothing Palette: What's Hot, What Should You Drop?

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Ahhhhh, spring. Daffodils and crocuses and—oh wait, is that snow?

West Michigan is known for lots of things, including crazy weather patterns. This winter and spring have been especially unusual (not another snow day, please!) but we are, finally, seeing temperatures rise. Warmer weather means lots of things—playing outside with the kids, gardening, and trips to the beach, brood in tow. Are there more fun IG photos than the ones we post of our families, happily enjoying the great outdoors? (Especially when we’re wearing C&C!)

Best of all, sunshine-filled days mean we can embrace a spring clothing palette, filled with lighter-weight tops, fun cardigans, and, almost certainly, at least one pair of white skinnies. Plus—can we get a hallelujah?—sandals instead of boots!

We know you have some favorite classic pieces, and we say: you be you. Don’t toss your favs—they’re like a comfortable, beloved, dog-eared book that you still pull out from time to time. But, unlike books, there does come a time when it’s a good idea to retire certain pieces of clothing. Maybe it’s time to part with that threadbare shirt or the one with stains under the arms that no amount of OxiCleanTM will ever remove—are those tops really giving you joy?

Once you decide what to pitch, add a few updates to the classic pieces you love and your spring clothing palette will be off the hook in a way that’s perfectly you. Here are a few suggestions from our Vintage Farmhouse Curated Collection. Fair warning: you might love them all as much as we do!

Aaron Top

This dusty pink beauty whispers “relax,” to every woman who wears it. With dropped shoulders and a relaxed fit, you’ll love it’s soft texture (cotton and linen), femininity, and utter lack of fussiness. It just might become your go-to piece for your distressed white skinny jeans, new high-waisted denim (we see you, fashionista!), or your favorite denim skirt.

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Jillian Maxi

Soft, luxurious, and breathable, this gorgeous dress has the shimmering feel of silk. Produced using recyclable, earth-friendly solvent, you can feel as good about its eco-friendliness as its flattering drape. Even better, although you can certainly wear this on date night, when you’ve somehow found time to actually apply mascara, you can also throw it on when there’s no way on earth a shower is going to happen—and you’ll still look and feel fab! Dry shampoo and the Jillian Maxi—they’re a girl’s best friend on a where-did-the-time-go kind of day!

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Esmeralda Top

For those days…you know the ones…pull on this cozy, comfy, relaxed striped shirt with a pair of leggings or black jeans. No effort required – just roll up the sleeves and chill. No one will ever know you had cereal in your hair just a short while ago!

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Mitchell Cardi

Layers, people, layers! We mentioned the crazy West Michigan weather, right? Just because it’s spring or summer doesn’t mean it’s warm all the time. When temps cool, as they do, this fine-knit, button down cardigan, with its adorable tie front, is the perfect piece to pull over our Aaron shirt, Esmeralda, shirt, or even our Jillian Maxi dress! Slide into its buttery softness and you’ll exude effortless style while being the most comfortable woman in the room.

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Mia Fringe Clutch

No shower or full hair and makeup. Sweats or our Jillian Maxi. It doesn’t matter, girlfriends—every single outfit can use a fun accessory and our Mia Fringe Clutch is the perfect companion. Braiding! Fringe! Dump the boring and add a huge dose of effortless fun – no makeup required. You’ll feel so much better when you reach inside to pull out your sunglasses at the park, your wallet at the grocery store, or your ID during your dinner date. It’s that easy!

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Leave a comment and let us know which one of these amazing items from our spring collection is your favorite and why. We’ll pull names from a hat and, if you’re the lucky winner, we will send you one on us! Who doesn’t love Spring now?!

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