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I’ve always loved the hunt for home décor that reflected my style and helped me express myself creatively. Growing up as the daughter of a single mom, I got really good at redecorating my room over and over again on a shoestring budget -- and sometimes, much to her dismay (hello, black hand-painted swirly room border).

Before the days of Pinterest, I would spend hours flipping through my favorite magazines (Remember Domino magazine??) on the hunt for images of styled spaces and the perfect vignettes and stunning outfits that I’d stuff into overflowing binders. (Please tell me I’m not the only one!)

I’ve always been creative at heart, but during college, my logical brain won out when I made the decision to become an accountant. But despite pursuing a stable career that paid the bills, I realized that something was missing.

My creative spirit was craving something different. The cubicle walls felt like a prison.

And so, I started collecting thrift store finds antiques and other unique items and hosting online auctions and little sales on the side. One day, in the middle of Michigan winter, I was sitting at my dining room table with one of my besties, and much to her surprise, a couple strangers walked through the front door, past us and into my basement. I quickly explained that I was hosting an indoor garage sale. (What can I say?? I’ve always loved a side hustle!)

Along the way, I realized just how much I loved helping other women curate pieces that brought them joy and helped them bring a simple, cozy style into their homes.

And with that realization, Cloth + Cabin was born. I’m so proud of our humble beginnings and how our brand has grown to embody our mission of inspiring women to create a life of beautiful simplicity.

Today, I’m so thrilled to offer a handpicked collection of simple home decor and lifestyle goods that live at the intersection of stylish, timeless, and cozy. But I know in my heart that we’ve only just begun.